IMG_2937[1] IMG_2939[1] IMG_2942[1] IMG_2943[1] IMG_2945[1] IMG_2954[1] IMG_2952[1] IMG_2958[1] IMG_2962[1] IMG_2969[1] IMG_2973[1]Wow what an amazing first week we have had in Beatrix Potter class! The children have settled in so well and have already been so busy learning all about Africa after reading the story of Anna Hibiscus.

Take a look at some photographs from the children’s first week. Well done children! I am so proud of you all- Mrs Purdon.


Something has landed…

It was so exciting this week in school as something crash landed on our school field. The children guessed they might see a fox, or a wolf or a shark!

We found out it was a space ship! We were so eager to go and see the crash site and though we might see, slime, meet an astronaut and maybe rescue an alien that wanted to make friends. The children thought the space ship had probably run out of fuel or had the steering wheel had broken. Some children even told Mrs Purdon they had seen the space ship when it crash landed and saw the astronaut ‘eject, fly up in his parachute and then go to Tesco’s because he was so hungry!’

Take a look at what we saw at the crash site… it was slightly different to what we expected. No aliens, no astronaut but lots of clues!

When we got back to our class, the children drew what they thought the rocket looked like originally, what they thought the alien looked like or the astronaut. In the afternoon we did some science experiments and made our very own permanent rainbow using nail varnish and water!

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It’s a kind of magic!

This week our learning has been based around an interest of the children’s… magic!

We focussed on the story of ‘Room on the Broom’ and we wrote our own (very imaginative) magic potions! The children have been really busy retelling the story and designing their own broomsticks, thinking carefully about what they would like on their broomstick and why. Take a look below!

Next week we will be exploring the tales of Winnie the Witch!

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Outdoor Learning!

The children have been using available resources this week to develop their role play and we have a Brookhill Leys band! What a great way to developing our expressive art!

We also developed our maths skills by playing team games such as ‘What time is it Mr Wolf?’

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